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Placement Policy for RGI Students


It is our endeavor to give appropriate profiles, desired locations and good pay packages to all our students of the RGI. Good Placement is an outcome of the joint efforts of the G.H. Raisoni Career Foundation Team and commitment & caliber of the students.

Students must be pro-active in Sem 7 and 8 and have Placements as their top priority. In case of Management it should be Sem 3 & 4. The Institute shall extend all possible support to the students in this aspect. However, the students must adhere to all rules and regulations and deadlines to maximize the chances of their getting placed.

Although, we would not like to initiate any disciplinary action against any of our students, if in case a student fails to fulfill the requirements as laid down below, we may have to initiate disciplinary action in the interest of the rest of the students and in the long term interest of the institute’s relations with the corporates.


  1. 1. If a student gets a pre-placement offer, then he should communicate to the GHRCF accordingly.
  2. 2. The students shall be permitted to take up the offer after discussions with CF Cell.


1. Introduction:

The GHRCF shall liaise with recruiters and organize the Campus Recruitment process on the “RGI Campus” or as a part of a “Pool-in” Campus.

2 Eligibility:

2.1.1. Eligibility at the Institute Level:
  1. 1. Students with minimum 85% attendance are eligible for placements.
  2. 2. Students need to submit an undertaking as per format of “GHRCF” to enroll for the CRP.
  3. 3. Only those students whose names appear in the Placement List and have given the undertaking within the stipulated time frame are eligible for placements.
  4. 4. All details of the students are incorporated in the placement List, provided the students submit their information within the given time frame.
2.1.2. Eligibility at the Recruiter’s Level:
  1. 1. The recruiter might stipulate certain eligibility criteria for their CRP. Students need to meet the same.

3. Internal Communication Protocol:

3.1 The GHRCF will communicate the Recruiters requirements, time line and other instructions through T & P Coordinator’s/ individual email / group email / e groups and through SMS.

3.2 Hard copy notices of Recruiters requirements, time line and other instructions are displayed on the Placement Notice Board.

3.3 Students must check their e-mails (on id at least twice a day for getting information related to placements.

3.4 Students must pass on the correct and working cell phone numbers to the GHRCF Team and update new number time to time.

3.5 Students must not switch off their cell phone during Sem 7 and 8 and always remain accessible. In case of Management it will be Semester 3 & 4.

3.6 If in case students are leaving Nagpur or (respective place) for any reason what so ever they must inform the T&P Coordinators in writing / email in advance and seek permission.

4. Classification of Recruiters:

4.1 A student gets only two offers from the institute. One is the regular and the other is the dream company.

4.2 Dream Company:

The student after looking at the profile and the package of the company can communicate to the GHRCF about his choice of the dream company. This choice will be availed after the student has an offer from a regular company. If the student does not get selected for his declared dream company, he will not be allowed to sit for any further company’s CRP.

5. Rules:

5.1 Once the candidate has registered his/ her name for interview, he/she has to appear for the Pre-Placement Talk (PPT) of the respective company failing which the respective candidate will be barred for next two companies participating in placement activity.

6. Preparation for CRP:

6.1 It is expected that students prepare a file, in hard copy, of all their academic records when appearing for campus recruitment process.


Updated soft copy of their CV in the Institute’s format should be submitted to the GHRCF.

6.3 At least 2 hard copies of their CV’s in the Institute’s format should be ready with them.

7. Registration for a Company:

7.1 Every student must thoroughly review the following aspects of the Job offer before registering for any Company:

  • a) Specialization
  • b) Profile
  • c) Package – CTC, Inhand
  • d) Location
  • e) Joining date
  • f) Medical Requirements
  • g) Age

7.2 The GHRCF will try to get maximum information about the offer prior to the Registration / PPT / Actual Selection process. However, many times the recruiters may not disclose full information in advance. In such a situation, the interested students must seek required information about the Company / Job offer during the Pre-Placement Talk. If required they should seek help from the GHRCF and all student are advised to check company profile on internet to gather all relevant information.

8. Pre-Placement Talk:

8.1Students must be punctual in reporting for the recruitment process.

8.2 Students appearing for interviews have to be present in college dress code.

8.3 Those who have registered must attend the PPT.

8.4 In case of a Pool-In Campus, the GHRCF or some member of the Placement Cell shall coordinate with the students for providing guidance and the entire student will get related information through mail also.

8.5 Students have the liberty to back out from further selection process after attending the PPT. This is last point at which they can back out.

8.6 This is the last chance for students to communicate directly with the recruiter and get their queries resolved. Hereafter they shall speak only to the GHRCF team.

9. Selection Process:

9.1 Once the student decides that he/she need not back out after the PPT, the students have to go through all the stages of the selection process as defined and scheduled by the recruiter.

9.2 Students cannot back out at any stage hereafter.

9.3 Students should not discuss any matter with the Recruiter’s directly. They must place their queries with the GHRCF Team.

9.4 Students should not discuss any points (Package, Job profile, Location etc) at the time of interview; Students are advised to know all this information in advance through GHRCF Team.

10. Acceptance of Offer:

10.1 Students cannot reject the offer for what-so-ever reason once he/she is selected through all the rounds of the selection process, otherwise he/she will be barred from placement activities.

10.2 In exceptional cases, the GHRCF Team shall liaison with the recruiter for clarifying / improving specific aspects of the offer.

11. Joining Formalities:

11.1 Students must complete all the joining formalities immediately as per the schedule given by the Recruiter.

11.2 They will be given exemption from academic activity, if required on a case-to-case basis, provided they route the request to the Director through the GHRCF.

12. The GHRCF shall act as the Single Point Contact for all issues related to Final Placements.

13. Decision of the undersigned shall be final and binding on all the students who are part of the CRP.


  1. 1. If a student gets a job on his/her own, the same has to be communicated to the GHRCF. A copy of the offer/appointment letter must be submitted to the GHRCF Team within 3 days of receiving the same.
  2. 2. The students shall be permitted to take up the offer after discussions between the GHRCF and the undersigned.
  3. 3. These students will be eligible for seeking jobs through CRP also.
  • The Objective of the CF is to provide one job for each student.
  • Campus recruitment is meant only for the Students of Final year, Student opted for placements through campus and the pass out Students (if they are eligible student as per recruiter’s eligibility Criteria).
  • If a student gets offer from more than one company (different categories), then he/she must inform the companies about the job offer he/she wishes to accept, through GHRCF Team before completing his/her graduation.
  • The policy is subject to change at a later stage at the discretion of the GHRCF Head. The changes made, if any, at a later stage will be notified to all concerned.
  • The recruiter company would provide the offer letters to the GHRCF Team and not to the students directly.
  • When the GHRCF receives an offer letter from a company for a student, it would communicate the same to him/her.
  • The GHRCF would also declare a time period within which the students would have to inform the GHRCF regarding the decision on the offer. If a student fails to do so, it would be assumed that the offer has been rejected by her/his.
  • If a student is having a "Niche" offer, then he /she cannot upgrade further, and will be considered as out of the campus placement process.
  • When a student receives a second offer, i.e. in case of up gradation, from "Regular” to "Niche/Domain" categories then previous offer automatically stands rejected.
  • The purview of the cell would be limited only to the offers made as a part of the campus placements. Rejection of an Offer
  • If a student decides to participate in the placement process of a company, he/she cannot leave it in between. In such a case, it would be considered that he/she has rejected the offer.
  • A student can reject only one job offer and that would be the case, when a student rejects a “Regular” category company. For their Dream Company. If a student rejects a dream company, he/she is out of the placement process.
  • If a student does not inform the GHRCF regarding her/his decision on acceptance of an offer within the declared time period, then it will be deemed as rejection of the offer.
We shall follow the above procedure in letter & spirit.