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  • Internship

    2 week/4 week/6 week Internship

    6 Months Internship

  • Live Projects

    Name of the project : Tikisha

    Batch 2019
    Department Computer Engineering
    Name of students :
    • Akshay Jadhav
    • Hrushikesh patil
    • Pooja jadhav
    • Ankita Jadhav

  • Objectives

    About III-Cell

    An Industry Institute Interaction Cell (III-Cell) has been established with a vision to bridge the gap between industry and academia. The objective of the III-Cell is to promote closer interaction between academic and the industrial field. The major purpose of the cell is to facilitate industrial culture to the students and the faculties about functioning of the industry. It is also helpful to the students and faculties for identification of their problems and to provide solution by applying the latest technologies. Also, the Industrial exposure of faculty is very much helpful to guide students about latest industrial practices. To provide internship and industrial projects to the students is also one of the needs of the current curricula which further require to build the rapport with the Industry. So, the establishment of III-Cell is a step towards that direction to address those problems.

    Mr. Saurabh Gupta
    Mr. Saurabh Gupta
    Dean III-Cell

    The Objectives of Industry-Institute Interaction Cell

    • To give industrial exposure to Faculty members and students, thus enabling them to tune their knowledge to cope with the industrial culture.
    • To provide Internship to the students (4 – 6 weeks after second year and six months after third year)
    • To assist the Departments in organizing guest lectures, workshops etc. with joint participation of the industries.
    • To encourage resource persons from industries to visit the institute to deliver lectures to the students of the institute.
    • To assist the Departments in establishing rapport with industries for taking up projects.
    • To sign Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the institute and industries to bridge the gap between academic and industry environment and to conduct activities jointly.

    Constitution of the III Cell

    The Cell has been reconstituted recently in September 2018 incorporating Dean and one faculty member as coordinator from each department. The details of the team are as follows :

    • Dr. Hansaraj S. Wankhede, Assistant Professor Computer Engg. and Dean, III-Cell
    • Mr. Sachin Patil, Assistant Professor, Civil Engineering, Coordinator
    • Mr. Ganesh Bandal, Assistant Professor, Computer Engineering, Coordinator
    • Mr. Ankur Bobde, Assistant Professor, E&TC, Coordinator
    • Mr. Mayur Tawalare, Assistant Professor, Information Technology, Coordinator
    • Mr. Anil Bavche, Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering, Coordinator
    • Mr. Anup Atal, Assistant Professor, First Year, Coordinator
  • Workshops/Seminars conducted by Industry Personnel

    Activity report on IPR and Seminars/Workshops on Industry-academia Innovative Practices

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